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Academic year 2023-24, will cover from September 2023 to July 2024. Lectures end on May 2024 but exams continue in June and July (second oportunity).

The weekly schedule is already available: calendar and exams will be published soon

The main relevant changes with respect to 2022-23 are

  • The timetable has been shifted half an hour earlier:
    the first lectures start now at 15:30 and the last ones end at 20:00
  • Quadrimester Q3 makes its debut

Avoid registering for overlapping courses

When preparing your registration, you must take into account that some pairs of elective courses are taught in parallel (using rooms R1 and R2 on the same day and time). Please examine the weekly schedule carefully to check that your selection of elective courses avoids any overlapping. This may happen in the second quadrimester Q2, but most frequently on Q2-2 that concentrates the majority of elective courses.

Room assignment and online broadcast

LocationRoom 1Room 2
A Coruñaaula 2.7aula 2.11
Ourenseaula SO5aula SO1

During the first two weeks (from September 11th to 21st) of the mandatory courses in quadrimester one (DE, AIF, RP, ML1, NLU) all the online broadcasting will be done in the following public common meeting using Microsoft Teams: