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The following table shows a general picture of the syllabus by its temporal distribution organised in quadrimesters and, inside them, bimesters. Courses colored in pink are compulsory whereas those colored in blue are elective. A darker color means that the course has a work load of 6 ECTS credits whereas light colors mean 3 ECTS. As you can see, there are some elective courses that last two months but have a load of 6 ECTS.

Q1: First year, September to December

The first quadrimester consists of 7 compulsory courses. Three of them are taught during the whole quadrimester:

AcronymNamePeriodTypeECTSHead professor
RPReasoning and PlanningQ1Compulsory6Pedro Cabalar
NLUNatural Language UnderstandingQ1Compulsory6Carlos Gómez
ML1Machine Learning IQ1Compulsory6Víctor Darriba
AIFAI FundamentalsQ1-1Compulsory3Alberto Bugarín
DEData EngineeringQ1-1Compulsory3Anália Lourenço
CV1Computer Vision IQ1-2Compulsory3Xosé Manuel Pardo
IR1Intelligent Robotics IQ1-2Compulsory3Fran Bellas

Q2: First year, mid January to mid May

The second quadrimester comprises two small compulsory courses of 3 ECTS each and a wide umbrella of elective courses of different sizes and durations

AcronymNamePeriodTypeECTSHead Professor
DLDeep LearningQ2Elective6Eduardo Mosqueira
TXAITrustworthy and Explainable AIQ2-1Compulsory3José María Alonso
AIPMAI Project ManagementQ2-1Compulsory3José Manuel Cotos
ML2Machine Learning IIQ2-1Elective3David Mera
MASMultiagent SystemsQ2-1Elective6Noelia Sánchez
KRUKnowledge Representation with UncertaintyQ2-1Elective3Alberto Bugarín
ECEvolutionary ComputationQ2-1Elective3David Mera
CV2Computer Vision IIQ2-2Elective6Noelia Barreira
IR2Intelligent Robotics IIQ2-2Elective6Juan A. Corrales
LMLanguage ModellingQ2-2Elective3Pablo Gamallo
WISTWeb Intelligence and Semantic TechnologiesQ2-2Elective6María Jesús Taboada
PMProcess MiningQ2-2Elective3Manuel Lama
IRTSIntelligent Real Time SystemsQ2-2Elective3Juan Carlos González

Q3: Second year, September to December

The last quadrimester is not divided into bimesters and consists of 7 elective courses plus work placement and a final MSc Thesis.

AcronymNamePeriodTypeECTSHead Professor
WPWork Placement (Internships)Q3Compulsory6local in each univ.
MTMaster ThesisQ3Compulsory12local in each univ.
COGComputational Aspects of Cognitive SystemsQ3Elective3Ana B. Porto
TMText MiningQ3Elective3Francisco José Ribadas
BDEAI in Big Data EnvironmentsQ3Elective6Verónica Bolón
IOTIntelligent IoTQ3Elective3Paula López
CYBIntelligent CybersecurityQ3Elective3Francisco José Ribadas
EEAIEmerging and Entrepreneurial AIQ3Elective3Senén Barro
AIHAI in HealthQ3Elective3Alejandro Pazos